Research Advisor

Prof. T.S. Zhao ( is currently the Chair Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at HKUST, the Director of the HKUST Energy Institute, and a Senior Fellow of the HKUST Institute for Advanced Study. He is an elected Fellow of the American Society Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and a Highly Cited Researcher in Engineering by Thomson Reuters (2014 and 2015).

Professor Zhao combines his expertise in research and technological innovation with a commitment to creating clean energy production and storage devices for a sustainable future. He has made seminal contributions in the areas of fuel cells, advanced batteries, multi-scale multiphase heat and mass transport with electrochemical reactions, and computational modeling. In addition to four edited books, 10 book chapters and over 60 keynote lectures at international conferences, he has published more than 240 papers in various prestigious journals. These papers have collectively received more than 8,800 citations and earned Prof Zhao an h-index of 54 (Web of Science). In recognition of his research achievements, Prof Zhao has in recent years received many awards, including the 2014 Distinguished Research Excellence Award (HKUST), two State Natural Science Awards, the Croucher Senior Fellowship award, the Overseas Distinguished Young Scholars Award (NSFC), and the Yangtze River Chair Professorship, among others.

In the international community, Prof Zhao serves as Editor-in-Chief of Applied Thermal Engineering, Executive Editor of Science Bulletin, and Editor of RSC’s Energy & Environmental Science. He has served as an editorial board member for Energy & Environmental Science, Journal of Power Sources, and other 10 prestigious international journals.

赵天寿,香港科技大学机械及航空航天工程系讲座教授(Chair Professor)、香港科大能源研究院院长、香港科大高研院资深学人、美国机械工程师学会(ASME) Fellow、英国皇家化学学会(RSC) Fellow、国家杰出青年基金(B类)获得者、教育部长江学者讲座教授。曾获香港裘槎(Croucher)资深研究成就奖、国家自然科学二等奖、香港科大工程学杰出研究成就奖。入选2014、2015全球高被引科学家和最有影响力科学思想名录。

赵教授长期致力于工程热物理领域的科学研究。在传热传质、传热传质与电化学交叉、燃料电池及其它新型电化学储能技术等方面取得了系列原创性研究成果:发展了微纳流动和传热理论,揭示了电化学储能系统中热、质、电子及离子耦合传输规律,推动了传热传质与电化学的交叉融合,促进了电化学储能技术的发展,为提高可再生能源利用作出了贡献。在国际权威学术期刊发表SCI论文240篇,SCI引用8800余次,h-因子达54,21篇为ESI高被引论文,3篇获Elsevier高被引论文奖(Most Cited Article Award)。出版英文专著4部、英文专著章节5篇,中文专著章节4篇。受邀在美国机械工程师学会、国际可持续能源技术等重要国际学术会议上作主题/特邀报告60次。

在国际学术界,赵教授担任国际期刊《Applied Thermal Engineering》主编、英国皇家化学学会系列丛书《Energy & Environment Series》共同主编、《Science Bulletin》执行主编,并担任包括《Energy & Environmental Science》《Journal of Power Sources》等10个能源与化学类权威国际学术期刊的编委或顾问编委。